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Quality German Hovawarts
Breeding Standard



Quality German Hovawarts registered with the Hovawart Club of Canada and CKC.
Bred in New York. Great for work, play, or show.

HovaHeart Kennel specializes in the breeding of world-class East German Hovawart show lines resulting in superb family companions who exhibit versatility and sound temperament. We are a small kennel who is committed to breeding only select litters from females that we know are outstanding in conformation, intelligence, drive, and personality. We have found them to be outstanding family pets as well as working in Tracking, Search & Rescue, Schutzhund,  or personal guardian/companions.

HovaHeart Hovawarts are courageous, loyal, and intelligent.
They are sturdy, alert, agile and confident. Our dogs are instinctively protective without being aggressive.

Inquiries are always welcome. When you purchase a HovaHeart Hovawart, we are always there for you with any help and advice, and we encourage you to keep in contact with us and share photos of your new family members.



WelcomeNewsThe HovawartOur KennelPuppiesOur DogsAbout UsContact UsPhotos
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