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Quality German Hovawarts

8/12/17 Clover won best in her class and Zanie (A Litter) won best in show!!!
Both Clover and Chaemus passed the temperament test with flying colors.

2/7/16 Zanie's puppies had the first litter inspection and all passed with flying colors!

1/29/2016  Zanie and Zeus have had twelve, yes twelve healthy puppies.  All three colors in both sexes!!!  Zanie started at 5pm and finished at 3am.  Tired but proud of her work.  Zanie is from Zahra's first litter and now is owned by the HoviHugs kennel.

2/24/2014  Seven beautiful, healthy puppies.  Zahra did a great job!  Starting at 1am and finishing at 5am we were all exhausted but happy!

2/22/2014  Zahra is halfway through her pregnancy and starting to get cravings - for anything edible.  Due date March 24, 2014!

2/19/2014  Wow - 6 cute Hovawart puppies on the ultrasound.  Where were they hiding???

2/12/2014  The ultrasound did not see any puppies.  Not sure if we went too soon; repeat ultrasound next week. 

1/22/2014  Zahra made the trip to Montreal to meet Cosak des Trois Petits Diables from La VillaRoy Kennel. 

1/13/2013 Exiting puppy news - 9 wonderful puppies!

12/15/2012 Five weeks and Zahra looks and feels well.

11/20/2012  One week down........

11/14/2012  Zahra and Enzo completed three successful breedings; hopefully puppies mid-January.  She is home and resting after her weekend away.  Now we wait....... 

11/11/2012  Zahra is traveling to upstate New York to Enzo's beautiful estate.

11/7/2012 Nor'easter with 4 inches of snow and Zahra is in heat!

The HCNA has approved the breeding of Zahra to
Dimple zur Bärenschlucht
Enzo is a handsome blonde male from a well known German kennel.

Hurricane Update!  Although we have lost power, phone, and internet, we all made it through Hurricane Sandy safe and sound!  The Hovawarts are happy we are spending extra time at home with them and the boys are learning there is a world without electronics. 

10/21/2012  Zahra and Enzo both participated in AKC's Meet the Breed Event in NYC.  The HCNA wanted ambassador's to represent the Hovawart breed.  In all five Hovawarts participated and were hugged and adored all day. This was Zahra's first trip to NYC and she was unphased by the people and traffic.  Since Hovawarts are recognized by the AKC, they can participate in all AKC events other than breed; they are in the Foundation Stock category (FSS). 

7/6/2012  We were informed that Zahra
has earned enough points for her HCNA Championship and is now an official HCNA-Champion!!

6/22/12  Zahra won Best Open Female, Best Female, and BEST IN SHOW!
Stiff competition from old friends and new.

6/17/12  We're planning on attending the HCNA spring show June 23 and 24.  Zahra and Zallie will attend; Rogaire is going to stay home and recuperate from her recent surgery.

5/12/12  Our trip to the ultrasonographer was very disappointing.  Although he said everything looked normal and that Zahra was in good shape, no puppies were seen.  It seems the AI with Mickey was not successful.

4/22/12 Zahra passed the temperament test!!!

4/20/12  Mickey and Zahra were bred this week!  Wish us good luck for a healthy litter!

2/11/12  Zahra's Thyroid profile results are Normal.

2/7/12  The HCNA has approved the breeding of Zahra toFalk vom Neuntöter "Mickey"

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