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We were first introduced to the Hovawart breed after searching for a large, intelligent, even-tempered breed.  Most important for us - overall health.  Only the Hovawarts seemed to fit our family's needs.

The difficulty - where do you find Hovawarts in the US?  We were lucky enough to be referred to a lovely German family with two Hovawarts, temporarily living in nearby New Jersey. 

Love at first sight!

To satisfy our craving for more information (and more Hovi contact), we made the trip to Elizaville, New York to watch the Hovawart specialty.  We were lucky enough to meet
Beatrix Feix, who promised us our first puppy.  Trixi is a very celebrated Hovawart breeder from Berlin, Germany.  She came to Long Island to meet us ( and make sure we measured up to her standards).

We were put on the puppy wait list.  Because I loved and wanted a black female, my wait was a little longer (only 10% of Hovawarts are black).   The wait was more than worth it.  On March 18, 2001 Rogaire was born.

Who could stop at one???  Trixi again promised us a puppy and on August 4, 2008 Zahra was born.  She has turned into a fabulous friend and companion and playmate for the boys.

We've continued our involvement with the breed, the
Hovawart Club of North America and attend the HCNA's shows when they're in the Northeast.  The club's Board approved our petition as a breeding kennel in February 2012.



The newly formed, Hovawart Club of Canada, was created in 2016 in response to the need for an organization that not only strives to preserve the Hovawart standard but to include all members in the guardianship of the breed.  Dogs bred through the HCC are eligible for CKC registration (at this times dogs bred through the American clubs are NOT registerable with either the CKC nor AKC).

Our goal for each litter is to improve the Hovawart breed. We aim for happy, healthy dogs that are suitable for the show ring, and also make great family pets.

We breed for show dogs, but understand that not every puppy can be a show dog. Those puppies deserve loving families of their own. We ask many questions of our potential puppy buyers to make sure they will be in the correct home.

Each new puppy owner can expect us to keep in contact through the years. We are always available for any question, large or small.

We require new owners to bring their puppies to obedience classes. We feel that if you truly want a good family pet, training and socialization are a must. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

WelcomeNewsThe HovawartOur KennelPuppiesOur DogsAbout UsContact UsPhotos
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