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Meet the D Litter

The D Litter was born happy and healthy on January 19, 2020! Would you like one of these darlings to find their forever home with your family? Contact us today!

New born puppies are the cutest, aren't they?


Now that our lovely puppies are getting settled, they've each gotten their first official portrait!

February Update

The D Litter is getting so big! We are excited to be watching them as they begin exploring the world around them.

Dyani Girl

Dyani Girl, the pipes, the pipes are calling... Didn't she pose beautifully for her picture?


Our lone blonde, Daphnie, is such a good girl!


Our cutie Dahlia has no interest in posing for pictures - she wants to pose her way!


Daegan would rather take a nap! Though he is black and tan, he's blending in when curled up like this.

Danny Boy

Look at that face! Isn't he such a cutie?!


Dublin is such a good boy!


Did you know that Dubhan is named after the first hovi in our family?

He did so well on his visit to the Vet! Don't you just love that cute little tongue?


Dover is so calm! He barely moved for his photo shoot!